Institute for

Services in the areas of competence

The Institute for Spatial Development IRAP offers a broad range of services in the areas of competence for different target groups. These include planning offices as well as planning departments at federal, county or local level. The services range from applied science and development to education and advanced training. Thereby we are oriented towards the principle of sustainable development.


Applied science and development

  • Analysis of the relationships between land use, traffic, environment, society and economy and development of appropriate models for their characterisation.
  • Compilation of principles, guidelines and concepts for a sustainable spatial development policy.
  • Design of innovative methods and application-oriented instruments for an efficient and effective implementation of spatial planning strategies.


  • Scientific monitoring of and assistance to various planning projects on county and local level.
  • Advising planners on specific issues concerning spatial planning.
  • Participation in efforts of harmonisation and standardisation.
  • Evaluation of new methods and instruments in planning concerning project-orientated studies and planning tests.

Education and advanced training

  • Composing teaching material for spatial planning studies.
  • Teaching in different fields in spatial planning.
  • Supervision of student projects, coursework and diploma theses.
  • Organisation of conferences and workshops about current issues in spatial planning.